American family insurance

American family insurance
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American family insurance

The History and Growth of a Leading Insurer

American Family Insurance has served customers for decades. Founded in 1927 in Madison, Wisconsin, it began as an auto insurance provider owned by its members. Since then, through sustained growth, the company has expanded across 19 states while maintaining its mutual status.

Nationwide Reach While Retaining Local Focus

Utilizing strategic acquisitions and organic growth, American Family Insurance offers home and auto policies across most of the Midwest and a few Southern states. However, the company continues operating through local agent offices. This dual nationwide and localized presence allows for personalized service.

Automobile Insurance Plans We Offer

Liability Protection for Accidents

Bodily injury and property damage liability coverage protects the policyholder’s assets and future should an accident occur for which they are at fault.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

Collision insurance covers repairs to one’s vehicle after an accident, regardless of fault, while comprehensive insurance similarly repairs or replaces a vehicle damaged by events like fire, theft, or flooding.

Additional Automotive Benefits

Furthermore, American Family provides supplemental coverage, such as rental reimbursement for driving alternate transportation after a covered loss and towing and labor costs for non-collision incidents.

Homeowners Insurance Options

Coverage for Your Property’s Structure

This protects the physical home, including damage to the roof, walls, or other structural elements from disasters like fires, storms, or falls.

Personal Possessions Inside Your Premises

Contents coverage encompasses valuables like furnishings and electronics within interior living spaces against covered perils. Valuable personal articles may be scheduled for higher limits.

Temporary Living Costs

Should a loss render your residence uninhabitable, loss of use coverage pays to maintain your standard of living by compensating for meals and lodging during repairs.

Additional Property Types

Other structure insurance similarly covers detached structures on your land. In contrast, liability protection defends against accidents for which you are responsible for injuring others or damaging their property on your land.

Extra Coverage to Consider

Umbrella Insurance Above Existing Limits

An umbrella policy boosts auto and home liability protection beyond regular limits in significant lawsuits.

Life Events Require Added Safeguards

While needs change, American Family helps through products like term life, disability, and business owner’s policies to protect livelihoods.

Service Commitment

Claims Assistance Around the Clock

The 24/7 claim center ensures rapid emergency help through the app or phone.

Account Tools For Customization On-The-Go

The mobile app and website allow viewing documentation, billing, payments or switches at users’ convenience from any device.

Savings for Valued Members

Bundle Rates Beating Standalone Costs

Insuring multiple policies together means savings over separate rates for auto and home.

Loyalty Rewards Such As Safe Driver Discounts

Recognition of safe driving histories or good student grades lowers ongoing protection costs.

Automotive Insurance Plans We Provide

American Family offers a variety of auto insurance coverage options to protect your diverse motoring needs. Liability insurance shields against claims for which you are at fault in an accident. Bodily injury coverage compensates for injuries to others, while property damage repairs vehicles and other property damage.

Comprehensive and collision coverage provides additional layers of protection. Comprehensive insurance pays for repairs from events unrelated to collisions, such as damage from storms, vandalism or theft. Collision coverage kicks in regardless of fault when your vehicle collides with another object. Such coverage is prudent for new cars to cover expensive repairs from common fender benders.

Supplemental add-ons are also available. Rental reimbursement resolves expenses from renting a replacement vehicle during repairs after a covered loss. This is invaluable during lengthy bodywork—towing and labor coverage salvage costs from non-accident incidents like getting stuck or drained batteries. Higher car rental and trip interruption limits may apply for infrequent long-distance travel.

With such a range of tailored coverage bundles, American Family satisfies customers’ varied protection needs. Whether requiring liability-only policies or adding collision and comprehensive, count on them to analyze driving profiles and craft suitable plans. Over 90 years of industry knowledge ensures competitively priced, comprehensive coverage for modern lifestyles on the road.

Residential Insurance Plans We Provide

American Family offers homeowners insurance solutions tailored to all property types and client needs. Structures coverage repairs or rebuilds your home, including replacing gutters, siding, or fixtures damaged by fires, storms, or falling trees. Valuable scheduled personal property extensions safeguard high-priced belongings.

On the inside, contents coverage encompasses losses to furnishings, clothing, and electronics from covered perils. Specifying expensive articles like jewelry lets clients increase limits on those items. Loss of use coverage also pays towards meals and accommodations while repairs are made if a catastrophe renders your dwelling uninhabitable.

Other structures insurance similarly protects detached garages, sheds, and fences. Liability coverage defends homeowners’ legal responsibilities if someone is injured on their property or their belongings are damaged. An umbrella policy enhances liability protection for catastrophic lawsuits exceeding regular policy maximums.

Evaluating rebuild costs and property values, American Family underwriters craft policies tailored for each client’s residence type, whether a single-family home, condo or seasonal second home. Contact a local agent to analyze your coverage needs, ensuring property and liability protection for today’s assets through industry-leading carriers and coverage.

Supplementary Coverage Considerations

Beyond auto and home insurance, American Family offers extra protection for changing needs. Umbrella liability coverage provides indispensable protection against lawsuits with awards over standard limits.

An umbrella policy is an innovative supplement for high-asset individuals or families. Life insurance options, including term or whole life policies, offer essential lifelong financial security in unforeseen circumstances.

Business owners gain peace of mind from tailored commercial packages. These cover property, liability and income protection tailored for shops, offices and service firms.

Consulting a trusted American Family representative helps prioritize coverage. They analyze budgets and advise on valued supplemental policies. Whether considering future asset growth, owning a business, or starting a family, their guidance assists in selecting coverage for every stage of life.

Rely on the American Family to safeguard your expanding interests with knowledgeable guidance on new policies that serve evolving protection and wealth accumulation needs.

Service Dedication For Policyholders

American Family pledges reliable responsiveness. Claims specialists operate 24/7/365 to rapidly aid emergencies through phones, online portals, or mobile apps.

Account services offer self-service convenience through all devices. Policyholders can easily view documents and coverage details, make payments, process ID cards, or implement premium switches electronically or on the go.

Valuable learning resources clarify coverage mandates, including safety tips, payment tutorials and interactive guides. Contact local agents for specialized needs beyond digital assistance, such as reviewing policies for changes or filing complex claims.

Tailored and Value-Driven Premiums

American Family fits every budget through competitive and customizable rates. Their multi-policy bundled discounts beat standalone premium costs when insuring multiple areas of protection collectively.

Safe driving records minimize insurance expenditures through driving experience merit-rate reductions. A good student excelling in academics also qualifies for such scholastic discounts.

Additional strategies like annual payment plans, new-purchase incentives for homes or vehicles, and association memberships can lower coverage’s ongoing costs. Contact local agents to strategize maximizing affordability and savings through available value-added programs.


American Family Insurance has protected policyholders and extended valuable services. With a network of local agents and a customer-focused mindset, they will continue safeguarding families for many decades.

Whether insuring a person’s first home or vehicle or with multi-line coverage held for life, American Family consistently delivers reliable protection: their innovative insurance solutions and gold-standard customer care cement lasting relationships. Generations of satisfied customers depend on this trusted ally for comprehensive coverage of life’s journeys.


What different types of insurance does the American Family offer?

American Family provides auto, home, life, business, and other specialized insurance policies to protect customers.

How can I get a quote from American Family Insurance?

You can contact a local independent agent or get an instant quote online on their website to compare rates.

What discounts are available from the American Family?

Discounts include:

  • Bundling multiple policies.
  • Being a good student.
  • Adding safety features to your car.
  • Having multiple vehicles on one policy.

How do I file a claim with the American Family?

You can call their 24/7 claims center, file online through your account, or contact your local agent. Claim representatives are available anytime.

Does the American Family offer a mobile app?

The American Family Insurance mobile app allows you to access your policy, file a claim, pay, and find an agentt.

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