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nationwide insurance
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nationwide insurance

For decades, Nationwide has faithfully served policyholders’ protection preferences. Established in 1926, the Columbus-founded firm has since flourished into one of the foremost names in the insurance arena. Now commemorating its centennial, Nationwide reflects on a legacy that commenced humbly yet has improbably elevated to secure over 18 million households.

Throughout its history, Nationwide has demonstrated an unrelenting commitment to customer satisfaction through diverse and affordable coverage choices. The company provides comprehensive coverage solutions for safeguarding vehicles, homes, lives or businesses. With headquarters still anchored in Ohio’s capital, Nationwide has resiliently grown alongside America to emerge as a nationwide network with a presence practically everywhere.

Moving ahead, Nationwide remains focused on exemplary service while meeting clients’ changing risk management needs. The insurer is also dedicated to maintaining community ties and invests in initiatives that bolster economic sustainability and individual well-being.

Protecting Life’s Drives

Whether commuting daily or taking occasional trips, automobiles are integral to modern life. Recognizing this, Nationwide offers a spectrum of auto insurance alternatives to suit an array of motorists and budgets.

 Plans for Any Road Ahead: Standard policies cover legal responsibility and physical damage to one’s vehicle. They opt for collision coverage safeguards against accident costs, regardless of liability. Comprehensive additionally protects against events like fire, theft, and vandalism. Rideshare vehicles can be insured for commercial transportation.

  Savings for Safe Drivers: Nationwide rewards prudent practices through premium reductions. Qualifying factors like taking defensive driving courses, practicing accident-free driving over time, and installing anti-theft devices or coupling policies allow appreciable rate deductions.

  Serving in Any Emergency: Should an unpreventable mishap occur, Nationwide’s claims center operates continuously to begin repair reimbursements. A local representative can inspect damage in person to ensure Swift has suitable solutions. With mobility vital to daily life, Nationwide guarantees dependable protection and response wherever the road leads.

Sheltering What’s Most Important

For most people, “home” denotes far more than mere walls and a roof. It represents a safe space holding our livelihoods and loved ones—nationwide works to shelter these notions through customized home insurance plans.

  Home or Apartment, Covered: Homeowners and renters’ policies safeguard personal possessions and the physical structure from unpredictable dangers such as fires, water damage, etc. Liability coverage also defends against unforeseen accidents on the property.

  Adding On for Added Protection: Valuable endorsements like flood or identity theft protection can supplement standard home policies. Flood insurance offers essential coverage in high-risk flood zones where other insurers may not.

 Claims Assistance Whenever Needed: Should unfortunate events like storms or burglaries occur, Nationwide’s claim representatives are accessible day and night by phone and online. With local branches also conveniently located nationwide, in-person support for assessment, repairs, and reimbursements is readily available.

By offering versatile home insurance solutions and reliable claims assistance, Nationwide enables clients to feel secure inhabiting their most important refuge, no matter what uncertainties may come.

Securing Loved Ones’ Futures

No one can predict when life may end. That is why securing dependable life insurance protection for beneficiaries is paramount. Nationwide appreciates this significance by providing various plans to suit diverse needs.

  Temporary or Permanent: Term life covers a predetermined period, while permanent policies like whole or universal last a lifetime, irrespective of claims. This allows choosing targeted protection for stages like child-rearing or retirement.

 Additional Choices: Variable life combines insurance with investment attributes, permitting policy values to fluctuate alongside market performance. Other alternatives like annuities or long-term care coverage also exist.

Nationwide helps clients unearth the most cost-effective solution through needs-fit comparisons. This empowers families to face the unforeseeable with confidence, knowing the well-being of loved ones endures financial security.

Reassurance From America’s Ally

As one of the longest-standing insurers established in the U.S., Nationwide has built a standing of trust over nearly a century of faithful service.

  Reliability From Coast to Coast: With local agencies nationwide, maintaining partnerships regardless of relocations remains simple.

 Customers Come First: Accolades consistently recognizes Nationwide’s customer-centered approach and rapid claims handling.

  One Place for Multiple Needs: Bundling policies afford advantages like discounts and centralized billing/payments across specialized coverage types.

For reliability, convenient community presence, and personalized attention, Nationwide is the logical choice. Their inclusive lineup of insurance solutions and devotion to clients cement their role as Americans’ steadfast shield against life’s uncertainties.


Nationwide Insurance has endured nearly a century striving to fulfill its mission – to be there in times of need. They offer various customizable insurance options to protect customers’ most valued assets – homes, vehicles, finances, and beyond. With a national network of local agencies and 24/7 claims assistance, Nationwide provides protection and peace of mind spanning every stage of life. Whether just starting or planning for retirement, customers can rely on Nationwide as a dedicated ally to cover what matters most. Their growth story alongside America is a testament to the brand’s stability.


What types of auto insurance are available?

Nationwide offers liability, collision, comprehensive, rideshare, and usage-based policies to suit various driver and vehicle needs.

How can I get a home insurance quote?

Contact a local Nationwide agent to discuss your home’s details and get personalized quotes for homeowners’ or renters’ coverage.

What discounts are available?

Nationwide offers discounts for safe driving, bundling policies, military service, installing security systems, and more, lowering premiums.

What does term life insurance cover?

Term life pays a death benefit to beneficiaries if the insured passes away during the policy term, typically ranging from 10-30 years.

How do I file an insurance claim?

Call Nationwide’s 24/7 claims number to begin the process. Representatives assist with damage assessments, repairs, reimbursements, and more.

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